28 of May - Republic Day

Dear Friends,

On 28 May 1918, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) was founded. That day witnessed the historic signing of the Declaration of Independence of Azerbaijan fulfilling dreams and aspirations of Azerbaijani people for a strong, prosperous and independent state. The Government was formed on the basis of accountability and separation of powers and the democratically elected, multiparty and genuinely representative Parliament of Azerbaijan became the first of its kind in the Orient, guaranteeing universal suffrage and protection of fundamental rights and freedoms. The ADR existed for just 23 months but the first Republic’s values, ideals and legacy are cherished in the modern Republic of Azerbaijan. Today, People of Azerbaijan and our compatriots throughout the world proudly commemorate the Republic Day honoring the ADR founders and their contribution to Azerbaijan’s statehood.

On this auspicious occasion, it is our great pleasure to invite you to enjoy the ancient, heavenly Azerbaijani mugham Bayati Shiraz performed by a young virtuoso and mini video sketches of contemporary Azerbaijan.





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