Statement by H.E. Mr. Yashar Aliyev Permanent Representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the United Nations at the Special Event to Commemorate and Promote the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace

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of the Republic of Azerbaijan
to the United Nations

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Statement by H.E. Mr. Yashar Aliyev

Permanent Representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the United Nations

at the Special Event to Commemorate and Promote the International Day

of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace


24 April 2024


Mr. Moderator,

At the outset, I would like to thank the Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for convening this special event to commemorate and promote the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace, in accordance with General Assembly resolution 73/127, of which Azerbaijan is one of the co-sponsors.

We join the statement delivered by the Deputy Permanent Representative of Uganda on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement and would like to offer some additional remarks in the national capacity.

Mr. Moderator,

Geopolitical tensions are rising, multilateralism is being undermined, and the universally accepted fundamental values, norms and principles are being overtly disregarded or misinterpreted. As a result, the world is becoming more divided, uncompromising and intolerant.

Selectivity, double standards and the resulting persistent incompliance with international obligations, along with inadequacy of multilateral prevention and security mechanisms, have been and continue to be among the major obstacles to addressing current and emerging threats and promoting trust, predictability and peacebuilding more effectively.

It is high time to translate the commitments into real actions, consistent with international law and aimed at better addressing all forms and domains of threats and confronting and overcoming old and new dividing lines.

The challenges facing the world today necessitate a renewed commitment to strengthened global solidarity, more effective and trusted multilateralism grounded in international law, the U.N. Charter and a reformed and reinvigorated system of multilateral cooperation.

The foundation stone across all efforts must remain the State and its unique role and responsibilities in the multilateral system.

The respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States is crucial to any progress in preventing conflicts, restoring and maintaining peace, building bonds of peaceful mutual benefit among nations, enhancing respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, protecting human security and promoting sustainable economic and social development.

We view the Summit of the Future this September and its inter-governmentally negotiated outcome as an opportunity to reflect on collective commitment to the U.N. Charter and multilateralism, enhance the prevention toolbox, strengthen multilateral cooperation, advance development, pursue more equitable and effective global economic governance and address the need for the reformed international financial architecture.

Through inclusive multilateralism all States, large and small, in particular developing countries, must have the possibility to participate equally in global decision-making.

We look forward to further progress in the course of ongoing negotiations on the reform of the Security Council, based on the work already done and the gains achieved, in good faith and a spirit of flexibility, constructiveness and mutual respect.

There is a need for enhanced efforts to confront hate speech, hatred of all kinds, disinformation and the incitement to fragmentation, violence and extremism. In particular, it is critically important to effectively address the harm caused by the proliferation of hate and lies in public discourse and, through coordinated global action, strengthen commitments and accountability of governments and other stakeholders for acts of disinformation and misinformation. We look forward to continued and enhanced international cooperation and productive multilateral processes to that end.

Providing support to States affected by conflict and engaged in post-conflict peacebuilding, reconstruction, rehabilitation, demining and reintegration is and must remain a critical commitment of the entire international community.

Azerbaijan will continue its efforts towards developing international cooperation and ensuring that the multilateral system is more effective and better equipped to deliver on its promises and the existing commitments.

Thank you.

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